Saturday, 18 June 2011

Manchester Square Offices by SHH

The architects down at SHH in London have design some very elegant, modern yet traditional interiors for some offices. Normally the client list consists of Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Adidas, but here is there work in a Georgian office block which is located in a five story townhouse.

The classic yet modern furnishings within the offices are mostly limited edition pieces or pieces that have been custom made for the project. By looking through at the rooms, eyes get caught at both mixtures of the old and new, with glimpses of dramatic lighting, delicate cornicing and beautiful fireplaces. These features including the marble mosaic titles are all features that where saved from the previous tenants.

Since the offices have been built they have won many awards for this project such as the international property Awards 2009, UK Propery Awards 2009 and the ICIAD Ring Awards 2008. 

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