Friday, 17 June 2011

Oskar Zieta Seating

This family of stools designed by Oskar Zieta have a unique design with a playful look. The family of stools come in three sizes; a mini stool, standard stool and finally a kitchen stool. This allows the seating to be accessible to all.
These stools have been created by using FIDU technology. This technology is basically “blown up sheets of metal”. By welding two sheets of thin steel together around the edge, this gives the material an opportunity to be inflated using high pressure. This then gives the metal a unique 3D shape.  bearing in mind the shape of the stool it is still only made up of the steel, therefore making it light weight and sturdy.
Since the family of stools have been first show in the Young Creative Polish Designers in September 2009, they have been shown in many exhibitions and won many prizes. Prizes include Forum AID Award 2009, German Design Council Award 2008 and Red Dot Design Award 2008.

Oskar Zieta also has other ranges of seating created by the same technology.

For more information go to the Zieta Prozessdesign homepage

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