Monday, 20 June 2011

The building with no shadow

Le Project Triangle will be Paris’s first high-rise approved building since 1977. This was due to the recent lifting of the 31 year old bad on high-rise buildings within the city.

The architects Herzog & de Meuron say that there building shall be “optimum solar and wind power generated”. The shape of the building can be very convincing to be a pyramid, this however is wrong. By looking at the building from one side, the eye shows a pyramid shape whilst a slim line shape, which is similar to a sharks fin from another.

By the shape and orientation of the building the architects claim that the building will cast no shadows on the surround buildings.

The ground floor of the building shall be occupied with shops and restaurants. Also open public space and Parisian rooftops with visions over the romantic city. The high rise is due to be completed in 2014.

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