Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gareth Pugh's Relationship with Architecture

For people that what a perfect match of how fashion mixes with architecture you shouldn’t look any further than Gareth Pugh. The young British designer started off at the young age of 14 as a costume designer. From there Pugh has blossomed into a unique design who leaks out architecture into all of his designs.

Pugh’s designs come with deep meanings with descriptions such as “a flower looks amazing just before it dies”, and the use of the white colour trying to escape from the black.

You can relate architectural proportion to most of his clothing in terms of the size and geometry. Even down to his makeup, for spring 2009 he hired makeup artist Alex Box. She still worked to keep the 3 Dimensional architectural forms that Pugh was trying to get across. By using eyelashes that had a solid 3 dimensional form and black colour on one side and white on the other.

A growing trend with architecture is to expose structure of the building, yet another architectural link to fashion and architecture. Pugh has celebrated the structures/ skeletons of the garment and expressed them on the outside instead of hiding them.

Pugh’s label is still growing. He opened his first boutique in Hong Kong last year and is still dressing the big celebrity names such as Kylie, BeyoncĂ© , Ashlee Simpson and Lady Gaga.  

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