Monday, 22 August 2011

Balancing Barn

The design brief for most holiday homes is very simple: a clean and comfortable temporary home with a good location. MVRDV on the other hand think that this brief is not good enough. They believe that it is there job to “encourage the general public to reconsider their perspective on both modern architecture and the countryside”.

The Balancing Barn is one of five holiday homes, all of which have a unique architectural twist. The feature that makes the Balancing Barn standout as a piece of architecture is the 50% cantilever. You enter the building from ground leave through the large kitchen and dining room. Leading on from here is a long corridor with 4 double bedrooms on the left-hand side. All of which with en-suites.

At the end of the house, which is the cantilevered part you will find the large living room. With a picture window and a 5.8m glass floor panel it really is an interesting space to be in. From the glass floor panels you can see the swing which is attached to the end of the cantilever on the outside.

With fun galvanised steel cladding and massive cantilever this really is a bold piece of architecture that really uses its natural topography to its best.

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