Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bringing Green to the City

In Paris, Architects SOA are trying their best to make their high rise tower as green as possible. They believe there should not be a parting between the town and country, urban and natural.

The idea of the living tower or “Tour Vivante” is going to allow people to grow their own food in the comfort of their own tower block.  The tower will allow tomatoes, rice plants and lettuces that will flourish behind the windows of the tower. They have estimated 63,000 kg of tomatoes, 37,333 feet of salad and 9,324 kg of strawberries per year.

The great thing about this building is its energy. We can look at the travelling distance that people make between urban and extra urban territories for crops. This is a distance that people can cut out if they could live in a building with a vertical farm such as this.

If we look at the building in terms of energy use, located at the top of the tower is home to two large windmills. Taking advantage of the buildings height, the windmills produce around 200 to 600 kWh per annum. These windmills also have a pumping action which allows circulation and the recycling of rainwater which is recovered on the roof and ground.

Photovoltaic panels are also included into the facades of the tower, which again is another natural way of producing energy for the buildings. So with the photovoltaic panels and the windmills there is enough energy to make the tower self-sufficient.

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